an organized list of the FAQs that sensory parents have been asking me over the years. It’s been a wildly popular series that covers all sorts of topics like symptoms, sensory activites, getting a diagnosis, sensory seekers, sensory avoiders, picky eating, sleeping issues and SO much more!
Sensory bins are a great way to help your toddler and baby develop and can improve social-emotional, fine motor skills, and brain development. You can also create sensory bins at home with simple things around you or purchase some popular sensory bins from Amazon. Also, be sure to check out how to create your very own sensory room at home.
If you LOVED swings just as much as I did growing up then you’re in the right place! Growing up being the first kid to get on the swings at school were at big deal! Swings nowadays are more popular than ever especially when utilized in therapy clinics and on school playgrounds. But if you’re looking for some outdoor sensory swings for your special needs child at home home you might want to check out these swings down below.