40 simple coloring pages to encourage pre-writing skills. a collection of pre-writing and drawing visual motor worksheets. Practice coloring horizontal lines, vertical lines, curved lines, diagonal lines, zig zags, circles, crosses, squares, rectangles, X’s, triangles, diamonds, ovals, hearts and various combined designs. There are 40 coloring page in total. (affiliate)
over 20 scissor activities to create crafts and games. Each of these activities are ready to go. Just print, copy, cut and create craft projects and games to play. The activities promote the development of scissor, fine motor and visual skills by encouraging practice with cutting snips, 1″ – 3″ lines, paper in half, straight lines, rectangles, squares, angles, curves and circles. (affiliate)
Summer Word Collage digital download (21 page PDF document) provides practice for handwriting, coloring, cutting and pasting with a summer theme. The handwriting practice pages are provided in: 1. dotted line Zaner-Bloser® type lines, 2. double line Handwriting Without Tears® type lines and 3. boxed lines. (affiliate)
Trolls Pencil Challenges download includes a HUGE collection of visual motor practice worksheets. Practice pencil control for vertical, horizontal, diagonal and curved lines. Most of the 40+ visual motor worksheets are available in easy or more difficult versions – great for differentiated instruction in group settings. The worksheets are in color. The worksheets progress in difficulty. Also included are 12 mazes that progress in difficulty and 5 Follow the Dot activities. (affiliate)