What my body does for me. What I love about my body. What’s unique about me. What I can do to help it stay strong and healthy. Conversation starters to help children when the urge to compare starts. When they see their bodies with new awareness or forget to care for the gift of the physical self. Coming from a place of gratitude and awareness allows for an open dialogue based on respect, ownership and love. http://www.plantlovegrow.com/self-esteem.html
GO ON A UNICORN ADVENTURE THROUGH YOGA POSES! Take your children on their very own unicorn adventure and pretend to be confident unicorn, a strong unicorn, a curious unicorn, and a silly unicorn. The instruction cards provide you with detailed descriptions of how to sequence the poses, so you can feel confident in guiding their yoga adventure. Come up with a story or have the kids come up with their very own mythical unicorn adventure story. (affiliate)
Help improve your child’s posture and strengthen their core muscles with these simple and fun core yoga poses for kids. Core yoga poses engage the abdominal muscles and build a strong foundation. Because children often sit at desks and screens for long periods of time, it’s essential that children stabilize and align their torsos to improve posture. These poses help strengthen the core in a fun and easy way. Great way to counter the ill effects of sitting all day in a classroom. (affiliate)