The fun, Emotional Regulation Bingo Game helps children to identify emotions and to reinforce the concepts of self-regulation. The Emotional Regulation Bingo Game includes one review board, 26 calling cards and 20 Bingo boards. It is fun for a crowd and easy to play to help children identify and recognize different emotions and levels of alertness. (affiliate)
Here we have 20 of the Best Kids’ Dance Songs With Clean Lyrics. A family dance party is one of the best ways to spend quality time with your kids after a day apart – or if you’re just feeling cooped up indoors because of cold/rainy/sweltering weather. Plus, dancing is good for your health in lots of ways, from heart health to stress levels and more. Use this playlist of Kids’ Dance Songs to get the party started!
Self care is so important for stress relief and your mental health – but I know practicing self care can seem impossible when you’re having a bad mental health day. The problem with self care ideas over the internet is that they often aren’t inclusive of people who are suffering from poor mental health. This list of self care ideas contains 52 inclusive ideas for all levels of functioning. So you’ll be able to take care of yourself no matter how bad a day you are having! #selflove