Make movement fun this fall with this digital gross motor game! This game is perfect for distance learning and in-person learning! Use this on a computer, tablet or interactive whiteboard. Share your screen during distance learning and play! This movement game is perfect to use all fall long. Parents, teachers, physical educators, physical therapist, occupational therapists and more will LOVE this game!
The apple themed digital gross motor game is an awesome addition to your teletherapy or distance learning activities! Not only that, but you can also play this game in person. It goes perfect during back to school time or in the fall. Combine it with a Johnny Appleseed theme! Your kids will LOVE this and so will you!
Brain Breaks with an Autumn Theme! Such great ideas! I love don’t “fall”! These brain breaks are perfect for the classroom or preschool gross motor time. They work great for PT, OT, and SLP’s along with physical education! #brainbreaks #autumnactivities #preschoolgrossmotor #brainbreaksfortheclassroom
A fun movement based activity for fall. Use this story as a fall gross motor activity, fall yoga, or right into your fall lessons. This yoga story is FREE for you to use in your classroom, home or therapy sessions. A great way to add movement with a fall theme that both you and your kids will LOVE!
Yoga For Kids Cards and Printable are great ways to incorporate physical activity into the day. This fun bundle of cards includes superhero, zoo, cowboy, pirate, transportation, circus and space themes. Kids will love these poses and are perfect for the classroom, occupational therapy, daycare, preschool, physical therapy or even at home! #physicaltherapy #kidsyoga #brainbreaks #pediatrics
Space kids yoga printables and cards are perfect brain breaks for your space and planet lessons. Kids will enjoy these activities while moving like asteroids, shuttles and stars. Preschoolers will love to see these real kids in the fun poses! Great for toddlers, preschool and up!