Ready, Set, Scan Level 2 is a digital download of visual scanning exercises that includes 12 visual scanning and discrimination activities. How fast can you scan, find and mark the 10 different items? You will need to fine tune your skills to find these objects quickly. There are 12 challenges in all. (affiliate)
Visual Perceptual Clothespin Games digital download includes 4 games to print and play to encourage hand strengthening, visual discrimination, form constancy, visual motor and math skills. Match up the dinosaur shadows, move along the number clothesline, hang up the patterned socks or give the spiders 8 legs. (affiliate)
40+ activities to cut and paste! Each activity requires the child to cut out objects and paste them in the correct positions. Children will practice fine motor skills, counting skills, visual perceptual, visual closure, visual discrimination and visual motor skills while completing these colorful projects. The pages can be printed for your own use as many times as necessary for the children that you work with. (affiliate)
The Color and Write Alphabet packet includes all the letters from A to Z to find, color, and write the words. These NO PREP worksheets are perfect for when you need an activity idea in a hurry! What Skills Are Students Practicing with Color and Write the Alphabet? letter sizing, legibility, letter formation, visual figure ground skills, visual discrimination skills, visual motor skills (affiliate)