Adding yoga for the classroom is easy with this fun set of yoga activities. The yoga for the classroom starter pack makes implementing yoga fun and easy. These are great for someone who has never tried yoga to someone who considers themselves a yogi. You will love all of the different options and it will last you all year long!
For the sports lover! These are awesome classroom brain breaks! They are also great for PT, OT, SLP, physical education and home. I love how this pack has enough sports that you can use them with every different sports season. Physical activity is a must for kids and this is a great way to get it in! #sports #grossmotor #brainbreaks
Yoga cards and printables that are perfect to get you started on yoga! These fun cards have easy to follow descriptions along with full sheet printables. Print the description on the back of the cards – easy formatting to do this! These are cards and printables are perfect for kids yoga! #yoga #preschool
This is an amazing collection of exercise task cards! I love how it is designed for kids and the pictures are so relatable to kids! I saved so much money by getting them in a bundle and I have exercises for all parts of the body and skills. These are fantastic for gross motor skills, physical education, adapted physical education, and to use all year long! Don’t miss out on these exercise cards for for kids!
Dinosaur Fine Motor Activities and Dinosaur Gross Motor Activities all in one pack. No need to try to plan your dinosaur themed activities as it is all done for you in this dinosaur themed pack. Work on all of your gross motor skills and fine motor skills with a dinosaur theme. Use this pack in the classroom, home, or at therapy.
Yoga for Kids Cards and Printables are activities to add to your lesson plans! Great for the classroom, daycare, at home, OT or PT. These fun poses will help kids calm down and focus. This great bundle includes ocean, rainforest, woodland, wetland, jungle, artic, desert, African animal themes. #kidsyoga #brainbreaks #grossmotor