Research tells us that short aerobic exercise sessions can help children with: cognitive flexibility, self-regulation, behavior, and academic achievement! This exercise packet allow therapist to send home therapeutic exercise ideas including video demonstration. None of the exercises require any equipment. These activities encourage: endurance, cardio-respiratory fitness, physical activity, and coordination skills. (affiliate)
Adaptive Physical Education for students with visual impairments from Perkins School for the Blind. This FREE video webcast series introduces teachers and therapists to a FAIER planning model to develop physical activities for individuals with disabilities. FAIER is an abbreviation for Foundation, Awareness, Implementation, Evaluation, and Refinement.
This DIY glitter sensory bottle recipe video tutorial provides an easy way to calm an overwhelmed or anxious child. Give this gorgeous glittering sunburst glitter sensory bottle a shake to see it swirl, sparkle, and SHINE to cheer your children up and put a smile on their face just like the sunshine on a sunny day! | Rhythms of Play