Grab your favorite black, yellow, and white materials for this fun bee sensory bin. Don’t forget the bee toys and flowers! Let the kids explore math, language, and sensory skills with an easy pompom sensory experience. Perfect for your next bee theme. Click on the link for more information.
Kids love sensory play! This homemade cranberry playdough is an observable and actionable science for your kids. This recipe even includes a free printable. It is kid-friendly and non-toxic; safe for even the smallest children. The cranberries add such a brilliant color as well as an amazing fragrance. Teach your students the science of mixtures while they are playing. They will never forget what they learned while they were having fun. Learn homeschool science while playing today!
What my body does for me. What I love about my body. What’s unique about me. What I can do to help it stay strong and healthy. Conversation starters to help children when the urge to compare starts. When they see their bodies with new awareness or forget to care for the gift of the physical self. Coming from a place of gratitude and awareness allows for an open dialogue based on respect, ownership and love.