These rainforest themed yoga cards and printables are great to movement to your lesson plans. Kids will love these poses that include toucan, piranha, anaconda and more. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten and up. These activities are great for school, OT, PT, preschool and home. #kidsyoga
Fun Yoga for Every Season Cards and Printables Bundle featuring REAL kids in the poses. Great for year round brain breaks in the classroom or at home featuring Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall poses. Perfect for preschool, kindergarten and up! #kidsyoga #physicalactivity #brainbreaks #winter #spring #summer #fall
Alphabet Yoga Cards and Printables is a great activity for preschoolers to get them learning and moving. These fun yoga poses are great brain breaks to include in your lesson plans. Great for the classroom, occupational therapy, physical therapy, preschool or at home. #kidsyoga
Brain Breaks For The Classroom Cards and Printables! Check out lots of themed cards and printables to add gross motor activities for kids into the day! Great to use in the classroom, at daycare, Physical Therapy interventions, Occupational Therapy interventions or at home! Perfect for toddlers, preschool, kindergarten and elementary school ages! #brainbreaksfortheclassroom #physicalactivity #pediatrics #physicaltherapy
Space yoga cards and printables add movement to preschoolers day. Preschoolers, kindergartens and up will enjoy these fun poses. Kids will love pretending to be rockets, moons, stars and more! Want real kids yoga instead? We have that too at Pink Oatmeal, same poses just a different presentation.
Yoga cards and printables that are perfect to get you started on yoga! These fun cards have easy to follow descriptions along with full sheet printables. Print the description on the back of the cards – easy formatting to do this! These are cards and printables are perfect for kids yoga! #yoga #preschool