When it comes to engaging preschoolers in meaningful activities that promote learning through play, sensory play activities are a great budget-friendly option. Not only fun and creative, these activities help engage and stimulate preschoolers’ senses. From tactile movement to exploring various textures and smells, sensory play has limitless ways for preschoolers to explore their world and learn in a fun and interactive way.
This set of fairy themed brain break cards contains 40 cards designed to give your kids a brain and body break. Each card features a colorful fairy alongside a gross motor activity suggestion. Kids will love stretching, jumping, moving and awakening their senses with these beautifully simple brain break cards (affiliate)
Let kids learn and explore with all of their senses with Sensory Summer Camp! Hands-on sensory activities for kids to do this summer! Make sure to grab all the printable summer camp activities and get started. You can simply download the theme of the week and use the convenient links to learn about each project and create a supply list. Or… If you want all the work done for you, grab the full pack with instructions here.