For the sports lover! These are awesome classroom brain breaks! They are also great for PT, OT, SLP, physical education and home. I love how this pack has enough sports that you can use them with every different sports season. Physical activity is a must for kids and this is a great way to get it in! #sports #grossmotor #brainbreaks
This is an amazing collection of exercise task cards! I love how it is designed for kids and the pictures are so relatable to kids! I saved so much money by getting them in a bundle and I have exercises for all parts of the body and skills. These are fantastic for gross motor skills, physical education, adapted physical education, and to use all year long! Don’t miss out on these exercise cards for for kids!
Alphabet Yoga Cards for Kids! Yoga cards and printables are perfect for the classroom, therapy room or physical education! A fun way to incorporate physical activity and great for kinesthetic learning. The BEST alphabet activity you will do! #alphabetactivities #preschool #kindergarten
Get a full set of hard to find upper extremity strengthening cards. These are ideal for a wide range of kids. Get them in card or printable form. Go digital by pulling them up on your tablet or computer. A great home programming resource for physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical education teachers and beyond!
Get this fabulous set of 20 different active and dynamic range of motion and stretching task cards. Also get full sheet sized images of each exercise with instructions. This is such an awesome resource for distance learning or teletherapy. A great option for a pediatric physical therapist, pediatric occupational therapist, or physical education teacher!
Fun ocean activities for kids! These are perfect for a classroom, summer school, camp, therapies, after school programming, music, physical education and more! These ocean themed activities work great for an ocean or beach unit. They are a great addition to anything ocean and a fabulous way to add fun movement to the day!