There are many benefits to children working on a vertical surface: wrist extension, shoulder strengthening, eye-hand coordination, and a more upright posture. When children work on a vertical surface with a BIG picture, you get even more benefits – crossing midline, bilateral coordination, and core strengthening. The Calming Coloring Mural can be hung on the wall for children to work on a large vertical surface. (affiliate)
Summer is the perfect time to work on the type of eye-hand coordination and visual-motor skills that will help children with their fine motor, gross motor, and academic skills. Here are a few ideas that will keep your kids engaged during the summer break with some fun visual motor activities.
This bubble wrap activity is great for the child with tactile defensiveness that still wants to participate in messy play. It builds fine motor skills in several areas: finger strength, arch development, eye-hand coordination, finger isolation, and more: