40 simple coloring pages to encourage pre-writing skills. a collection of pre-writing and drawing visual motor worksheets. Practice coloring horizontal lines, vertical lines, curved lines, diagonal lines, zig zags, circles, crosses, squares, rectangles, X’s, triangles, diamonds, ovals, hearts and various combined designs. There are 40 coloring page in total. (affiliate)
SPORTS YOGA CARDS FOR KIDS. Pretend to be a soccer player, windsurfer, and a volleyball player! Instantly download these 53 sports yoga digital yoga cards to learn through movement in your home, classroom, or studio. Includes an Index Card, Pose Instructions, 20 Yoga Pose cards, and 20 matching Sports cards. The yoga kids are multicultural from seven countries. Act out various sports with fun and easy yoga poses! Recommended age: 3+. #ad
When it comes to engaging preschoolers in meaningful activities that promote learning through play, sensory play activities are a great budget-friendly option. Not only fun and creative, these activities help engage and stimulate preschoolers’ senses. From tactile movement to exploring various textures and smells, sensory play has limitless ways for preschoolers to explore their world and learn in a fun and interactive way.
25+ Easter messy play ideas you’ll want to try with the kids this spring! Easter-themed messy sensory play, messy art, messy crafts, and messy science ideas all in one spot. Lots of hands-on play and learning for kids of various ages. Click on the Fun-A-Day.com link for more information.