There are many benefits to children working on a vertical surface: wrist extension, shoulder strengthening, eye-hand coordination, and a more upright posture. When children work on a vertical surface with a BIG picture, you get even more benefits – crossing midline, bilateral coordination, and core strengthening. The Calming Coloring Mural can be hung on the wall for children to work on a large vertical surface. (affiliate)
40 simple coloring pages to encourage pre-writing skills. a collection of pre-writing and drawing visual motor worksheets. Practice coloring horizontal lines, vertical lines, curved lines, diagonal lines, zig zags, circles, crosses, squares, rectangles, X’s, triangles, diamonds, ovals, hearts and various combined designs. There are 40 coloring page in total. (affiliate)
Do you want to challenge your student’s visual motor and visual spatial skills? This Color and Discover PDF packet includes 26 pictures for children to find the correct letters, color in the space and reveal an image! Your students will work on the following skills with this engaging packet: visual motor skills, fine motor skills, coloring, visual scanning, visual spatial skills (affiliate)
This Summer Games Packet Download includes 40 Summer Games Cards (large and small versions), 7 game/activity ideas to play with the cards, Summer Bingo game, 3 mazes, 1 crossword puzzle, 1 boxed word puzzle, Find and Color puzzle, 1 complete the torch drawing and 3 coloring pages. (affiliate)
Summer Word Collage digital download (21 page PDF document) provides practice for handwriting, coloring, cutting and pasting with a summer theme. The handwriting practice pages are provided in: 1. dotted line Zaner-Bloser® type lines, 2. double line Handwriting Without Tears® type lines and 3. boxed lines. (affiliate)