Discover how advanced tools such as ChatGPT are reshaping the way educators understand and support children’s sensory needs. Uncover the potential of AI applications in modifying environments and planning activities that promote inclusive learning experiences tailored to each child’s unique sensory processing.
Looking for realistic early learning ideas and environment inspiration that you can use in your own day care, child care centre, or early years service? Be inspired by these creative early years environments and early learning activities shared by early childhood educators from around the world. | The Empowered Educator
Baby and Toddler Activity Planning Resource for Educators – This resource is for educators working with younger children. It will help simplify those planning cycle steps and give you ideas for setting up play environments, playful activities to try and how to look for simple but significant moments to observe all without impacting on regular nurturing and wellbeing routines necessary for babies and toddlers. | The Empowered Educator