There are many benefits to children working on a vertical surface: wrist extension, shoulder strengthening, eye-hand coordination, and a more upright posture. When children work on a vertical surface with a BIG picture, you get even more benefits – crossing midline, bilateral coordination, and core strengthening. The Calming Coloring Mural can be hung on the wall for children to work on a large vertical surface. (affiliate)
Fun fine motor activities for kids! These fun activities work on fine motor skills such as scissor skills, handwriting, tracing and hand strengthening. Kids will love these hands on activities that are great for brain breaks in the classroom, centers, Occupational Therapy or at home! Great for preschool and kindergarten. #finemotoractivites #preschool #physicaltherapy
The Exercise and Fitness Bingo games are the best thing for motor skills. My kids adore these games! You will get 8 different Bingo games consisting of fitness, locomotor, upper extremity, lower extremity, bilateral coordination, core strength, seated/wheelchair exercises, and balance! If you want an excellent way to engage your kiddos in strengthening get these now!
Get a full set of hard to find upper extremity strengthening cards. These are ideal for a wide range of kids. Get them in card or printable form. Go digital by pulling them up on your tablet or computer. A great home programming resource for physical therapists, occupational therapists, physical education teachers and beyond!
Get your set of core strength cards and printables. This set is ideal for kids! The pictures and descriptions make the exercises easy to follow. As a bonus, several of these strengthening activities also incorporate midline crossing! These are so fun and easy to use every single day!