Sensory play activities can be a great way to stimulate your baby or toddler’s development while having fun. From playing with basil seeds in water to exploring different textures, there’s no limit to the imaginative world you can create! With a little bit of planning and a few materials, you can provide your little one with exciting and stimulating activities that will both challenge their fine motor skills and teach them important skills while having a blast!
An awesome set of task cards that incorporate different ways of jumping and using the trampoline! Use these to create stations, home programs, sensory or motor programs and more. These are great for the classroom, physical therapy, occupational therapy and more!
Sea Shells Calming Sensory Bottle! This DIY seashell sensory bottle, with slow falling shells, is perfect for calming an overwhelmed child. Discovery bottles like this are also great for no-mess, safe, sensory play. Babies and toddlers can investigate seashells without the risk of choking on them. | #Seashell #SensoryPlay #SensoryBottle #CalmDown #SummerInABottle #PositiveParenting #BehaviorManagement #DiscoveryBottles