Simple ideas for gardening with children – this guide gives early childhood educators and parents gardening activity ideas and projects for children and make it fun no matter the spaces you have to work with or if you don’t have a green thumb! Perfect guide for those following the EYLF sustainability outcomes. | The Empowered Educator
40 simple coloring pages to encourage pre-writing skills. a collection of pre-writing and drawing visual motor worksheets. Practice coloring horizontal lines, vertical lines, curved lines, diagonal lines, zig zags, circles, crosses, squares, rectangles, X’s, triangles, diamonds, ovals, hearts and various combined designs. There are 40 coloring page in total. (affiliate)
Baby and Toddler Activity Planning Resource for Educators – This resource is for educators working with younger children. It will help simplify those planning cycle steps and give you ideas for setting up play environments, playful activities to try and how to look for simple but significant moments to observe all without impacting on regular nurturing and wellbeing routines necessary for babies and toddlers. | The Empowered Educator
Save valuable activity planning time with this E-book packed with simple play based activities for babies and toddlers already linked to learning outcomes and ready to write on your program! Perfect for early childhood educators and parents wanting to offer engaging play based activities for babies and toddlers but not wanting to spend all their free time planning and setting up! Head over to the product page to see how this works. | The Empowered Educator