Yoga For Every Season cards and printables bundle includes Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter themed yoga poses. Great for the classroom to add movement all year round! Great to add to lesson plans as kids learn about the changing seasons! #kidsyoga #brainbreaks #physicalactivity #spring #summer #fall #winter
Movement Games Cards and Printables! These are great physical fitness activities for kids! Perfect to use as brain breaks for the classroom or as Occupational Therapy interventions. Fun preschool and elementary activities to add to your lesson plans to get kids moving during the day! #grossmotoractivities #brainbreaksfortheclassroom #physicaltherapy #pediatrics
Alphabet Yoga Cards and Printables is a great activity for preschoolers to get them learning and moving. These fun yoga poses are great brain breaks to include in your lesson plans. Great for the classroom, occupational therapy, physical therapy, preschool or at home. #kidsyoga
Holiday Themed Kids Yoga Cards and Printables Bundle is perfect to incorporate year round to add some movement to the day! This awesome bundle includes Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter and Patriotic. These poses are great to add into your lesson plans for brain breaks during all your seasonal needs! #kidsyoga #holidaythemed #christmas #halloween #patriotic #brainbreaks