Speech Therapy 22 Months

He is having his first speech therapy session using tactile cueing. This is for my family to see his progress.

http://www.thespeechpathway.com Stimulability (the ability to say a sound accurately, when provided with a model) is fundamental in developing a speech sound through to conversation. This…
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  1. that’s awesome! that kid is learning through games. i hope i can be a
    speech therapist one day so as to help those kids and adults. :)

  2. While this wouldn’t be the style of speech therapy I would want my boys to
    have (they would be in tears as she’s a bit rough), if it worked for him
    than that’s great!! BTW, to everyone saying children don’t need
    intervention. You are wrong. Some absolutely do! There is a difference in a
    late talker and a child who cannot speak because they can’t form sounds! My
    twins have apraxia of speech. They were three years old when we were
    finally able to get them in with a good SLP. They had zero words. Only
    grunts and points. Without intervention they would not speak. Please know
    what you are talking about before calling intervention crap and telling
    parents whose children have benefited from it that it’s not needed. As an
    added note: my boys are now almost five and still in speech therapy for 90
    minutes a week in school. Their SLP thinks they might catch up by 5th
    grade. They are unintelligible to those who don’t know them.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I learned some new things from this. I can’t belive
    some of these stupid uneducated comments though. Pay no mind to them. This
    video is helpful. Thank you. 

  4. Called a speech therapist today and I can’t wait to put my son in speech
    classes he just turned 2 years old on Jun 1st How exciting! 

  5. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. It blows my mind how many people are
    judging and saying rude things about this video. Nothing wrong w/ early
    intervention. He doesn’t seem traumatized in the least bit! Seriously
    people, you criticize parents for waiting too long to help a child then you
    criticize them for doing it too early or “when not necessary.” I can’t
    believe how many people on here said he didn’t need therapy. Do you know
    his history? Are you a trained professional?

  6. This video is one of the reasons i’ll never put my kid on speech therapy.
    He would be traumatized for life! Please, respect your kids own pace!!!
    I was a very late talking kid (didn’t speak until 3 years old!). Guess
    what? I speak fluently 4 languages now!! My little boy is 2.5 years old,
    doesn’t speak a single word and yet, he is a little genius!!! Do not buy
    into this American comparative bullshit developmental crap!!! I urge you!!!
    Do not accept “autistic spectrum” labels!!!! A child is either autistic or
    And whatever they are, you know them better than anybody else! Do not give
    these people your health insurance money!!!!!!!!! They are not doctors!!!!
    We must stop this non-sense!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!

  7. The very odd part about this is he would eventually gain his own speech
    successes without coaching. Every child develops at his own level. The best
    thing to do is read to your toddler everyday. Point out objects throughout
    his day. Eventually he will pick it up and progress (pending there is not
    an auditory problem).

  8. Thanks for posting. Please feel free to check out my video posts from
    WolfLover9999. My son has Dyspraxia and underwent 3+ years of speech. I
    have posted 2 pieces of his early sessions (4 yrs) and one of how he talks
    now (can’t keep him quiet). I’m just hoping to let people know there is a
    light at he end of the tunnel! Have a nice Holiday! WolfLover9999

  9. My son was just diagnosed with Apraxia, have them test him for that. If you
    catch it quickly in his life, they may have special therapy for him! Hope
    this helps.

  10. What a wonderful eg of speech therapy. Apart from the tactile cueing, the
    speech therapist is doing something else you can easily do at home. Notice
    how she repeats the child’s incorrect attempt as well as the correct sound?
    e.g. “No, that’s ba-ba-ba.” “Say ma-ma-ma” This is more effective. than
    just doing either alone i.e. just telling the child what’s wrong e.g.
    “Don’t stick out your tongue”, or just repeating the correct word to say
    e.g. “Say ‘school'”. Try it out 🙂

  11. hi, my daughter was diagnosed to have sensory neural hearing loss, she is 2
    y/o now. how can I help her to improve her speech while wearing her hearing
    aid. hope you can help me.

  12. The hand positions used on his mouth don’t look like PROMPT positions.
    Maybe you should just say you’re using tactile cueing. I believe /M/ sound
    is prompted with the backs of index and middle finger against lips and
    thumb resting on side of nose.

  13. He’s so cute! Children like this are the reason I want to teach! Have fun
    while learning, most teachers just go by the book, and I HATED that. This
    makes me want to do it more. He looks like he’s having fun! 🙂

  14. really fascinating. Can you add something in the description about what was
    the speech issue before and how long this process takes?

  15. This is so inspiring! I’m studying early childhood education, but after
    that I’m definitely studying to be a speech therapist! :D:D And yes I am a

  16. I do not have a lisp, i have the opposite, i have a very sharp s sound from
    the side of my sound, it sound like a snake. I will try and practice. How
    do you recommend i practice this?

    At 19 years old, im really tired of my dumb s sound and i will be so glad
    to get rid of it.

  17. I have had a lisp my whole life (13) and every time I try to say the right
    s it either souds wrong, or it doesnt feel right. People dont notice it
    until I ask them “hey… have you noticed my lisp?” And then they just
    realize it, but when im being recorded I can really hear it and it bothers
    me very very much. I dont know if /anything/ can help… 

  18. When you put your tongue to the roof of your mouth, and blow the air past
    it, is it suppose to come out both sides, the air only comes out of the
    right side of my tongue, is it suppose to come out both sides

  19. I’m a recent graduate from, well, a graduate speech-language program and my
    own child has a frontal lisp (but she’s only 5 years old). Anyhow, one day,
    I said to my husband, I think that I should work on articulation with her
    and commented that I need to learn how to remediate a lisp. My husband,
    exclaimed in response, “You didn’t learn how to do that in graduate
    school?!” I was shocked to realize that I hadn’t and hence, I turned to
    your channel. Turns out, the technique that I employed to teach my daughter
    /s/ was the 1st mentioned in your video (bite and grin)! This video served
    to boost my confidence as a new clinician and reminded me that I can trust
    in my own judgement; I understand the physiology, the theory, and best
    practices. Thank you for posting your videos.

  20. I’m 19 and a have a slight lisp 🙁 it makes me sounds unintelligent but I
    don’t know what I’m doing wrong

  21. Hey +thespeechpathway , I have diastema on my top two front teeth and my
    “S” sounds are very sharp and loud, much sharper than what it normally
    should be. Is there a way to avoid this sharp sound using my bottom teeth
    or other method?

  22. wow. you fixed my lisps instantly. holy shit….

    i subscribed. you’re a fucken genius. let me buy you a beer and get drunk
    wid bitccchess!! lol

  23. My jaw moves to the left so my eye tooth matches the bottom to make the “s”
    sound from there. Is it possible to make a clear S sound if teeth don’t
    match up properly? I had crooked teeth when younger, but got braces and now
    the problem is my bottom front teeth kind of angle inwards, would this be
    why my natural action is to use my left hand side of mouth? It doesn’t
    sound right using S out the front and basically I don’t know how to do it
    as my natural way of saying it my whole life (now in 30s) has been to
    adjust jaw to the left.

  24. Wait, so when holding the straw with your toung, should you have the straw
    under or on top of your toung using ur teeth to hold it 

  25. I’m 18 years old, I have a lisp where my air comes out of the sides of my
    mouth when I pronounce my S’s and Z’s. I was in Speech from the beginning
    of grade school up until high school, when my speech therapist was teaching
    me the proper pronunciation I would do it but it would sound very feminine
    and slow down my talking. Am I too far in life to fix it? How can I make it
    sound less feminine and more like yours?

  26. I dont exactly have a lisp. Ive been told it sounds like a whistling when I
    say my S’s and Z’s. I really hate it because it sounds effeminate and just
    want to know how I can fix it.

  27. When i say my s the air is coming through the right side of my tongue maybe
    because i have a gab there idk and in the front of my mouth i have an even
    bigger gap so i tend to allow the air flow in through the right side and i
    sound like i am hissing every time i say my s for instance if i say sorry
    it would actually sound like i am saying sssory, and it is not because i am
    just saying my s to long. And if i try to let air come in my mouth through
    the front of my mouth it sounds like a lisp. is it because i have a gap
    between my two front teeth and because they are tilted slightly? Any

  28. Im almost 16 years old and will be turning 17 years old but I cant say the
    letter s sound correctly 🙁 I get bullied because of that . pls help me

  29. The lesson is great but I really have an important question it is where do
    you place your tounge behind the front teeth up or behind the front teeth
    below ?

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