LCH Children’s Speech & Language Therapy Pre-School Language Groups

An overview of Pre-School Language Groups with the Children’s Speech & Language Therapy Team at Liverpool Community Health NHS Trust.

John Consalvi, M.A., CCC-SLP, CEO of LinguaHealth interviews Dr. Kathryn Kohnert, PhD, CCC-SLP, Professor Emeritus University of Minnesota, and they discuss the importance of bilingualism in…
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  1. I love that she brings up the challenges of agencies and individuals who
    can oppose the bilingual method for children! Also, the lack of bilingual
    clinicians. AND, SUCH AN IMPORTANT TOPIC: why parents/families resist the
    duolingual learning and “choose” English. Wow! I would also like to add an
    important topic that wasn’t discussed here: psycholinguistics. So many
    Spanish-speaking families “choose English” because their language minority
    holds, from their personal experience, no power in an English-speaking
    world. In more recent years we have seen the Spanish-speaking population in
    the U.S. grow, an in turn the need for Spanish-speaking employees also
    grow. But still there remains a sort of stigma that motivates families to
    favor the English, and not their native language for fear that their child
    will not succeed, in an English-speaking world, academically,
    professionally, socially, or politically. That is the truth!

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