Kid’s song for Speech Therapy

Kid's song for Speech Therapy

A fun way to practice those B’s, P’s, S’s, L’s, and R’s. Atti loves this! My blogs: Music by AudioMicro Royalty Free Music by http://ww…

Toddler Sofia Ali~ Speech Therapy with Jeremy at Miami Children’s Dan Marino Center in Weston. This was shot Feb 11 2011. Sofi’s making more & more progress at each session praise God! Sofia…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I can see myself using this song with
    students when we are trying to develop these specific speech sounds. Your
    son was so engaged and such a delight to watch. Thanks again!

  2. This is a great version of the song…I remember singing a slightly more
    disgusting version in girl scouts 20+ years ago! 🙂 I am definitely going
    to use this with my 27 month old non-talker…he loves music and this will
    be a great way to reinforce those particular sounds with him. Hopefully he
    will be inspired to mimic. Atticus is adorable, thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Omg….Thank you for sharing. I have 2.5 yrs old, he is not talking. He
    loves music as well. I cant wait to try this with him~ You guys are too
    cute & such a blessing to us not so creative Moms, like myself. God bless
    you & your little one~

  4. Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow everywhere!! That’s okay things wear off later on just go
    with it. But yeah kids love ow and ooh and uggy and probably make mommy
    sound weird haha

  5. Hi. It took until 2:44 for me to hear the child make the sounds the song is
    supposed to work on. He held up his arms to cover his ears when you began
    to sing. How about you do the video again, and just prompt him a little and
    let him sing the song. I was glad when I heard him start to sing at the end
    of the video. At that point, I knew what sounds he makes, how close they
    are to the adult model, and I got a better sense for where he is and if the
    song is appropriate for his current level.

    I might suggest just working on a few sounds, maybe the letters /b, p, m/
    for example. Each of those words in the song has different letter-sound
    combinations, blends, in different positions: beginning, middle, and end of
    word. For example, /beibi bumbl bi/ is how a phoneticist might write out
    “baby bumble bee”. We focus on the sounds made, where in the mouth they are
    made, and the position of the sounds in the words.

    Then, we target certain sounds in certain positions. Once the sounds have
    been mastered to about 70-80% ability, the client can move to single or
    multi-syllable real or nonsense words, syllable combinations, phrases,
    sounds (like buzzbee!) if we were working on the /b, z, or long e sounds.

    So, you’re idea is great. It’s enthusiastic. Your child is definitely
    building some sound and word banks. It’d be great to hear him, and not so
    much you. Let your kid be a kid. None of us are perfect, and none of us was
    a perfect kid. Me neither. Keep up the encouragement to others. Enjoy what
    your kids can do well, and build on their strengths whenever possible. Tell
    them what they’re doing that you like. Tell them what they do well, so they
    can know to do more of it. That kid is doing a great job sitting there
    patiently for four minutes. He’s doing a great job smiling. He’s doing a
    great job of staying focused. He made some great verses. And, so much the
    better if he does it in public for all the world to hear him making his
    self known to the world. 

  6. This is precious! Loved it. Our professor had us watch this in a Master’s
    class for Speech Pathology! Thank you so much for posting!

  7. I hope it is alright I am going to use your version of this song to help my
    two year old students practice those tricky sounds. I think I may even make
    it a magnet story as well! Wonderful creativity!

  8. Your little boy is precious, and I can see that you enjoy him so much!
    Thanks for this video. I am going back to college to study speech therapy
    and this encourages me a lot! I want to work with children and help them
    better communicate.

  9. Hello! She is now 4 & discharged from speech! She is talking like a parrot.
    Jeremy was her Speech Therapist, AMAZING guy! Check out my channel to see
    new videos of her. Right now she’s doing great, in school full time &
    getting better & better with her feeding by mouth. You can also visit the
    link I just added to the video description. YES SHE IS A MIRACLE FROM GOD!
    TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! Thanks for your encouragement!

  10. She is truly so beautiful she’s cute is jermey her dad or dr who ever he is
    he’s so humbel the way he speaks very warming to how old is sophia now and
    how is she doing may I ask what’s her conditon may god bless you sophia and
    all your famliy Sophia is a angel gods gift wish her well in her life give
    her my love manu xx

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