Cade’s Speech Miracle: /r/ sound

After more than 8 years of traditional speech therapy approaches, Cade successfully mastered the /r/ sound after only six sessions with the SmartPalate and his speech-language pathologist,…
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A story from Keith Wann’s new DVD, “My Experience Different”, coming out the summer of 2011 www.Keith

  1. Thank you Keith for poking at the terps and at the codas. Keep on keeping
    on. Love your sense of humor.

  2. liked it better on mute, you have great comedic timing. i know it’s for the
    interpreter to convey.

  3. I’m a CODA also(: You are amazing, have a great sense of humor. I remember
    when I was put in speech because something similar happened. I had to be in
    speech in elementary school 3rd-6th grade.

  4. LOL I’m a sign language interpreter and my wife is a speech therapist. I’ll
    have to share this with her. Thanks for sharing your humor!

  5. Good observation. She was not my regular interpreter but I had to plow
    through it. My team of terps include my wife, wink, Francisco, Jeremy Jack
    and Jennifer Jacobs. This was from the coda365 show.

  6. That was without subtitles just closed captions ๐Ÿ™ If i download it it
    will be without text ๐Ÿ™

  7. LOL I’m a CODA and I love your sense of humor! I watch your videos to cheer
    me up! thanks for what you do..:)

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