Aphasia Speech Therapy (Patient-Michelle,17 yrs old) April ’11

Aphasia Speech Therapy (Patient-Michelle,17 yrs old) April '11

Heyy! Im Michelle and this is me on April 25th, 2011. On Feburary 26, 2011 I had a stroke due to some kind of longboarding/snowboarding incident. The doctors dont even know how I have the stroke…
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LSVT LOUD Speech Therapy for Parkinson disease

This video clip is of a woman with Parkinson disease immediately before and after receiving LSVT LOUD speech therapy. LSVT LOUD is an effective speech treatment program with over 20 years…

  1. Hola soy estudiante de medicina y estas muy bien, he visto pacientes mucho
    peores espero que ahora estés mejor, saludos desde Colombia 

  2. One analogy for broca’s aphasia is like someone who is learning new
    language and struggles while explaining it because of lack of vocabulary. 

  3. Hello, my brother had a stroke and recovered well, but has aphasia. You be
    well. Many prayers.

  4. Did she damage the Arcuate Fascia connecting Wernicke’s Area to the Angular
    Gyrus or Broca’s Area to the Angular Gyrus?

  5. i’m a longboarder myself, I hope I don’t have a stroke. This looks
    difficult, I wish you luck tho girly !

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m an SLP student and learning about
    Aphasia therapy. 

  7. It’s not just that she has physical difficulty in speaking, in getting her
    mouth to work right, but also in being able to find the words and even get
    her thought processes in order. I hope that she’s young enough that she’ll
    recover a lot of her former abilities in the near future.

  8. does anyone know, if it’s only for patients with Parkinson’s or is it also
    used as treatment for patients with MSA???

  9. Wonderful and almost unbelievable if I hadn’t seen this for myself. Hoping
    my dad will receive this form of therapy. Thank-you for sharing! Karyn

  10. @soedkvinde The treatment has been used for individuals with MSA. We would
    recommend starting treatment as early as possible. The improvements may be
    more variable in individuals with MSA than Parkinson disease, but it
    certainly has potential to help. There is one published case study
    documenting immedate improvements in vocal loudness for an individual MSA.

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